Total Team Personnel  Services

Employee Leasing 

Total Team becomes your offsite personnel department. Your employees are simply transferred to our payroll, yet remain under your supervision.

 Managed Payroll Services

Total Team's Payroll  Services will generate and administer your payroll, file tax reports, make tax deposits, maintain employee records..  Thus, freeing you to focus on what matters most-your business.

Confidential Hiring

The occasion may arise when you will want to hire or replace an employee confidentially.  In that instance we will send resumes of selected candidates to an alternative address or Email of your choice.

 Personal Service

At Total Team, your company is not just an invoice. Like you, managing the needs of our customers is paramount to our success. Let us assist in taking your team to the next level.

Probationary Hire

When budget is a consideration, “Temp To Hire” has become a popular method of hiring.  You may select a candidate from several referred to you and they will work for you while still on our “Temp” payroll for a probationary period